Falling Down Brewery


As I mentioned once before, Eric and I are on a mission to visit every brewery in Michigan, and this weekend we knocked another one off our list. And our trip to Falling Down Brewery in Warren was a perfect example of finding a diamond in the rough. Falling Down Brewery opened about a month ago, and though it doesn’t look like much from the outside, it was absolutely fantastic. I’ll be honest, when we drove up to the brewery, I was pretty skeptical. Eric commented that the building must have been a McDonald’s at one time because it certainly looked like one…even down to the plastic marquee outside. But as soon as we sat down and were given the menu, we had a feeling there might be a little more than meets the eye. And boy we were right. We started with flights of beer, which is always such a fun way to sample all of their brews without…as the brewery name implies..falling down at the end of the night. We got to try 2 oz samples of all 4 of the beers on tap. My favorite was the Amber Ale which was an American Amber with a slightly carmel taste to it. And though we liked the beer, what we really loved was the food. The menu consisted of mostly fun and unique sandwiches that packed in a ton of flavor. My choice was the spicy chicken sandwich:


The Spicy Chicken was blackened rotisserie chicken, topped with bacon, arugula, avocado and spicy Sriracha aioli. The sandwich had so many different layers of flavor and textures. And served with tangy cole slaw and house made chips, this dinner hit the spot. We kept saying we would definitely have to come back to sample some of the other menu items. Like the BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders or the Cuban Sandwich. The fun thing about our little Michigan Brewery Challenge is that we probably never would have given this spot a second glance but is definitely a place we will most likely visit again. A hidden gem with good beer and good food is a great spot in my book. Happy Sunday!




Recent Eats: 4-7-13



I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was full of lots of relaxing, baseball, and a long run by the lake. Can’t get much better than that. But before we start another work week, I thought I would share some more “recent eats”


1. Last Monday night, Eric and I decided to combat the Monday blues with a quick dinner date. One of the perks of working a few blocks from each other is that it gives us the chance to meet up right after work and try out some of the new spots Downtown. This week we tried Mercury Bar in Midtown. They are known for their burgers and milkshakes, and since I’m not a huge burger gal, I was happy to see a black bean burger on their menu. It’s served topped with sliced avocado, chipotle mayo and fresh made pickles. My burger was slightly spicy and full of flavor. And Eric? He of course got his classic choice of a cheeseburger. Typical boy.


2. This has become my favorite weekday meal. A baked sweet potato with a touch of coconut oil, roasted brussels sprouts and chicken sausage. All of these come together in a flash, perfect for a quick meal after a long day.


3. Chicken Noodle Soup at Mati’s Deli. Eric recently took me to this old school deli in his hometown, and I could not stop raving about their soup. You could tell it was homemade from the extra flavorful stock and the soft and chewy homemade noodles. So, so good. I have a feeling we will definitely be returning here soon.


4. Friday was Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers, and seeing as I work at the closest hotel to the ballpark, it was a really fun day at work. Baseball season is a crazy busy time for the hotel, so they had ballpark hot dogs brought in for the entire staff to kick off our busiest time of year. It was like having a taste of summer for lunch. Hopefully the weather will follow suit!


5. This isn’t really an “eat” but it was definitely worth sharing. Eric and I recently set a fun challenge for ourselves-we are going to try to visit every brewery in Michigan. And seeing as Michigan has seen a huge growth in breweries the past couple years, I have a feeling this challenge may take us a while. But since we were near Ferndale running some wedding related errands, we decided to visit Woodward Avenue Brewers t0 knock one more spot off of our list. I tried their Custom Blonde, which was a light summery beer, and Eric tried the Czech Red. We were both fans of our brews.

So there you have it. A few “Recent Eats” from Miss Petite Sweets. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Dinner at Red Crown


I live in a relatively small town, so when a new restaurant opens up, pretty much the whole town is abuzz. And that was definitely the case with the newly opened Red Crown. The building started as a Standard Oil gas station but was recently transformed into this trendy new restaurant. Ever since it opened earlier this month, the parking lot has been absolutely packed with new patrons, so my family and I decided to give it a try as well.


I had heard that the drink menu was going to be quite impressive, and it definitely did not disappoint. They have an extensive wine list and a number of Michigan beers on tap, but it’s their cocktail menu that really jumped out at us. Each cocktail listed a number of different liquors, liqueurs and juices, many of which I had never even heard of. Since my mom and I are not too adventurous when it comes to drinks, we both played it safe with the only vodka cocktail on the menu- The Moscow Mule. This cocktail featured vodka, ginger beer & fresh lime juice and was served in a copper mug. It was so unique and the ginger flavor really shined through. My dad chose a rum based drink that he wasn’t too crazy about, but Sean and Eric both chose the Paper Plane. A drink featuring Maker’s Mark bourbon, aperol, amaro montenegro and lemon juice.


Next up was dinner. The menu had a mix of barbeque and classic comfort foods like meatloaf and shrimp & grits. We all decided to sample the barbeque and we all ended up very happy with our picks. I chose the Brisket Sandwich which featured spice rubbed brisket and cole slaw served on an onion roll. The brisket was tender and juicy and full of flavor. It was served with delicious fresh cut fries which were right up my alley. In my book, the crunchier the fries, the better, and these were perfect.


Eric went with the ribs with a a side of mac and cheese. I’ve heard that you can always tell if it’s good barbeque if you don’t need to put extra barbeque sauce on them. Well, Red Crown’s ribs definitely delivered on flavor sans the extra sauce.


Eric’s meal also came with some delicious cornbread and honey butter, which he let me take a bite of. (what a guy)


All in all it was a great meal with my favorite people.

Dinner at Jolly Pumpkin Brewery

This past Saturday Eric and I ventured out to Ann Arbor to see our friends Arielle and Dave. We met up for dinner at Jolly Pumpkin Brewery and had a fantastic time. Eric and I have been saying for some time now that you can truly never go wrong with dinner at a brewery. I don’t know what it is, but every brewery we have ever eaten at has not only had delicious brews, but has also had some delicious eats. And Jolly Pumpkin was no different. Luckily we had some great company as well.


We started off the night with a few beers. The Seasonal Porter for me and the Bam Noire for Eric. My beer was rich and slightly bitter. I don’t often get darker beers but this one was really good. It had an almost chocolate-y flavor.


For dinner I chose the “Not Just a BLT” and it was definitely more than your typical BLT. The sandwich featured fresh mozzarella, fire roasted tomatoes, fresh arugula, salsa verde and bacon. It came with Jolly Pumpkin’s signature truffle fries. The truffle fries are shoestring fries tossed in fresh rosemary and truffle salt. Arielle fondly refers to them as “crack fries” and I can see why. So good.



Eric got one of their pizzas as per usual. He got the Margherita, a simple pizza topped with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. Although it wasn’t the best pizza he’s ever had, he said it wasn’t too bad.


And since Dave is a huge fan of pumpkin flavored anything, we all decided to try out the Pumpkin Whoopie Pies. Fun fact: We actually referred to Dave as “Pumpkin Dave” the first few months of our friendship, because of his affection for all things pumpkin. Anyway… back to the eats. The whoopie pies were filled with buttercream and served over a ginger creme anglaise. Although the filling was a little too sweet for me, the pumpkin cake was awesome. Altogether, it was a great meal and a fun night!

Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina


I hope you all are ready for another vacation recap! Day two in North Carolina started at the North Carolina State Farmer’s Market. Any time I searched “things to do in Raleigh” their State Farmer’s Market came up. And seeing as I absolutely love farmer’s markets I figured I needed to somehow bribe Eric into taking me there. It turned out that all I needed to do was tell him that barbeque sauce would probably be sold somewhere at said Farmer’s Market and he jumped on board. Simple joys. The NC State Farmer’s Market was huge and consisted of some outdoor stands and an indoor market. There were fresh vegetables, homemade salsas and sauces, wild honey, and barrel after barrel of penny candy.


It was really fun perusing the different aisles of all the homegrown foods. Unfortunately there weren’t many items we would be able to take back with us on our plane ride home, but we did leave with an Old Fashioned Orange Soda for Eric and a birthday present for my dad. Next stop was a little lunch. And we decided that the best choice for lunch would be cupcakes. Obviously. We went to Gigi’s Cupcakes, which first started in North Carolina, but now has stores all over the country. We got two cupcakes to share. The first was my favorite, The Cinnamon Bun Cupcake. It featured a French Toast Cake, Brown Sugar Praline Frosting, Candied Pecans and a drizzle of caramel. So. Good.


Eric’s favorite was the Midnight Magic. Dark chocolate cake topped with Vanilla Buttercream and mini Chocolate Chips. Classic and Delicious.


And later that day we headed to Downtown Raleigh for the evening. Check out my dates for the night:

For dinner we went to The Pit. This barbeque restaurant has been featured on a number of Food Network shows and has been named one of Raleigh’s top barbeque spots. Our meal started off with cheesy biscuits and hushpuppies. The biscuits were classic  buttermilk biscuits and although they were delicious, the hushpuppies were the star of the show. You can’t really find these deep fried cornbread balls up in Michigan, so it was definitely a fun treat.


For my entree I decided to go with Baby Back ribs. They were covered in a tomato based barbeque sauce and they were pretty darn good. They came with cole slaw and mac and cheese, and although I don’t think their sides held a candle to Detroit’s own Slow’s Barbeque, they weren’t too bad. And thus ended Day 2 of the Food Coma Vacation.


Recent Eats

For the last 2 years I’ve shared only recipes and stories here on Miss Petite Sweets, but lately I have been thinking about switching it up a bit. There have been so many times that I have wanted to share a story about somewhere I’ve traveled or a new recipe that I stumbled upon, but I haven’t had a recipe ready to share it with. So I’ve decided to start varying my blog posts beyond the typical recipe + story model. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of recipes shared here, but I also plan on sharing some stories about travel, new restaurants, and maybe a little wedding planning and race recaps thrown in as well. This will mean more blog posts and more variety here on this little blog of mine. And to kick off my pledge for a bit more variety here on Miss Petite Sweets, I thought I would share a few “Recent Eats.”  Detroit’s food scene may not be as well known as some bigger cities, but let me tell you, it is alive and well and absolutely delicious.

1. Sliders at Green Dot Stables. This little restaurant-bar is known as one of Detroit’s “hipster hangouts” And though I’m not always decked out in flannel and dark rimmed glasses, I do have an appreciation for craft beers and unique eats. Eric and I ate here a few weeks ago and were really impressed by the slider menu. Because they weren’t just your typical mini cheeseburgers. Their menu featured Venison Sliders, Lamb & Rosemary Hummus Slider and even Korean Kimchi Sliders. We tried 3 different sliders and each was unique and delicious. We had the BBQ Bacon which featured  beef, bacon and barbeque sauce..or in Eric’s eyes..the trifecta of delicious. It also had mashed sweet potatoes on top which was really unique. Next we tried the Grilled Cheese slider, which was just a slider featuring Jack, Cheddar and Mornay Cheese. But honestly, the star of the show was the Fried Chicken Slider which was topped with a sage infused maple syrup. Amazing. We can’t wait to sample a few more of their varieties


2. House made Veggie Burgers at Vinsetta Garage. We went to this restaurant shortly after it opened in July and I still can’t get over how delicious their Veggie Burger was. The burger itself was filled with vegetables and beans and it was topped with feta cheese and a tomatoe relish that was tangy and sweet at the same time. And to make it even more unique (and delicious) it was topped with shitake mushroom “bacon.” Apparently this restaurant is completely packed all the time. And judging from their veggie burgers, this is not surprising at all.


3. Short Ribs at Coach Insignia. This restaurant is one of Detroit’s top notch steakhouses. Translation: It is very expensive. But when they came out with an incredible deal through Groupon, Eric and I jumped at the chance to go. In fact, we both bought the Groupon the day it came out to surprise the other. Apparently great minds do think alike. We gave one of Groupons to my parents and used one ourselves. After looking over the menu, I knew we would most likely order the same entree. And we did. Short ribs served over creamy polenta with crisp asparagus. The meat was so tender that it literally fell of the bone and was perfectly complemented by the cheesy polenta. Food comas were had by all that night.


Beach Grille Date Night

Hello again!

I apologize for the lack of new recipes this month. All the July baby showers, weddings & golf outings have kept me pretty darn busy at work. But it has not kept me from dreaming up some recipe ideas that I hope to test out soon. In the meantime I hope you all enjoyed the guest post from my lemon cake connoisseur Eric. I know, I know…he’s funny and he makes delicious baked goods. Told ya he was a catch. Anyway, last Friday Eric and I had the chance to go out and “celebrate” our year and a half of dating. Not that we actually care too much about random anniversaries and we are definitely not one of those couples who celebrates every month of dating… We just share the notion that any excuse to go out to eat is worth celebrating. So we chose an occasion and a restaurant. Since it was a beautiful day we decided to go to The Beach Grille on the Nautical Mile. All the restaurants on the Nautical Mile have an awesome view of Lake St.Clair, and if you can withstand the smell of fishflies, it makes for a pretty nice night out. Eric started his night with yet another bowl of French onion soup. Soooo predictable. Just kidding. This soup was delicious. Just look at his happy expression:

And that’s why we get along. The kid gets real excited about food. Plus we have a really great standing agreement that I always get to have the pickle that comes with his sandwich and he always gets the last bite of anything we share. Great relationships 101, folks. Anywho, For dinner I chose the crab cake sandwich and I was not disappointed. The crab cake was pan seared and flavored with fresh lemon. It was light, fluffy and very fresh. I’m not a huge fan of restaurants that deep fry crab cakes because I think it takes away the sweetness and flavor of the crab, but the Beach Grille’s crab cakes were perfect. Plus they were served on an English muffin with cheese…so that didn’t hurt to much either. Well played Beach Grille, well played.

Eric got the Daytona Sandwich, which included  chicken, bacon & cheese. All his favorite foods packed into one lil sammie. It’s like they knew he was coming in. And last but not least…we got a brownie sundae complete with Sander’s fudge. It was awesome. Chocolate layered upon chocolate. Can’t really go wrong. So there we had our wonderful summer date night. Good food and wonderful company. Come back soon for some new recipes!




Wine Tasting & Mitchell’s Street Pub

I love the Midwest. But the only thing better than the Midwest are the friendly people you meet here. We were roaming around Petosky, Michigan, which by the way is the most charming little up north town, and I already … Continue reading