Date Night at BaconFest Michigan

A few months back, Eric and I thought it would be a fun idea to take turns planning a surprise date night for each other once a month. We decided to take turns each month planning the surprise date for the other, and I claimed the month of June. All I needed was a fun event to bring Eric to…and before long I had discovered the perfect event for my bacon loving beau…BaconFest Michigan. This special food festival took place at the Royal Oak Farmer’s market and featured food from over 40 local restaurants centered around one very special ingredient: bacon. It was put together by the writers and creators of Eat Live Detroit, a food blog focused on the wonderful cuisine of Metro Detroit. And let me tell you…this event was absolutely awesome. And I don’t even really like bacon all that much. (Please don’t hate me). The event started off with the mayor of Royal Oak cutting the ceremonial ribbon…which, of course was shaped like a strip of bacon. Naturally.

And then the foodie feast began. Originally Eric and I thought we would stroll around and take a look at each vendor to see which food samples we wanted to tackle. But that method went out the window very quickly, as everything looked absolutely delicious. We started off with a Turkey, Cheddar & Bacon Panini from the Panini Press in Berkley.

It was pretty darn delicious, but didn’t hold a candle to our favorite dish of the night. Barbeque Chicken Pizza with a Barbeque Bacon Skewer from the Green Lantern in Royal Oak. The barbeque bacon was spicy and delicious. Eric may have gone back for seconds.

Another favorite of the night was the Corn Cookies with Canadian Bacon & Cheddar from Lily’s Seafood in Royal Oak. I always love cornbread inspired dishes and the salty sweet combination of this dish was awesome

Another standout was the Bacon Jam from Grange Kitchen & Bar in Ann Arbor. It was served on crispy crostini with goat cheese. The chef told us they usually spread this delicious jam on their sandwiches, specifically their burgers. We decided we may need to visit Grange to try one of these burgers ourselves.

It was really interesting to see what each restaurant brought to the event, especially since everyone seemed to create a completely unique bacon dish. The only repeat we saw was Bacon Mac n Cheese. But there was a clear winner between the two similar dishes: Cafe Muse’s Three Cheese Bacon Mac n Cheese with Fontina, Havarti, Mozzarella, a Honey Scented Gratin and Bacon (of course)

By this point we were both pretty full, but couldn’t quite resist the allure of the bacon inspired desserts:

Corn Muffins from Toasted Oak Grill & Market

And Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting…and more bacon from Cliff Bell’s in Detroit

All in all, this was a really fun event. And from someone who isn’t a huge bacon fan to begin with, I think that’s saying a lot. It was great to see so many local restaurants contributing to this event and it was clear that Metro Detroit has an amazing food scene. But after consuming my weight in bacon…I may need to go on a little bacon detox for a while. So don’t be surprised if you start seeing some more vegetarian recipes in the next few days!