Wedding Recap: The Reception


After the ceremony, we had a few hours before our reception was set to begin. We used this time to take a bunch of fun pictures all around Downtown Detroit with our bridal party. Eric says this was one of his favorite parts of the day because it was so relaxed, and we just got to hang out with our best friends.

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After our picture extravaganza, we made our way to the Colony Club. We only looked at a few venues when we were wedding planning, but I could not have been happier with what we chose. The Colony Club has such an elegant, vintage feel to it and it made for an absolutely beautiful reception. We arrived as our cocktail hour was ending, so our Banquet Manager led us up to the two private “Bride” and “Groom” suites to enjoy some hors d’ouerves and champagne before we joined our guests. As I mentioned before, this was one of my favorite parts of the night. It was so nice to just spend a little extra time with my four best friends before all of the excitement of the reception began.


Before we knew it, it was time to be announced as “Mr. and Mrs. Jones.” We had our band play Thunderstruck by ACDC as an homage to Michigan State Football, as this song is blasted through Spartan Stadium at the start of each game. Eric and I then cut our delicious cake. We had four different flavors scattered throughout the tiers: white cake with strawberry mouse, yellow cake with chocolate mousse, chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse, and my favorite: chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse


Sadly, this was the only bite of cake I had all night! Having good food was Eric and my number one decision when picking a wedding venue, but oddly enough, the food was the last thing I thought about all day. We ate as much of our dinner as we could, but we were far too excited to really sit down and eat our whole meal. But from what I can remember, our duo plate of filet and parmesan crusted halibut was delicious!


Eric’s brother, Mike gave a great Best Man speech, and LT gave the sweetest Maid of Honor toast that made us laugh and cry. She shared memories of our days playing dress up and watching Say Yes to the Dress, and how we have kind of been planning this wedding since day one. LT has been by my side for as long as I can remember and it was so wonderful to hear her share our memories of growing up and how it all led to meeting my groom. She is the sweetest, best friend a girl could have.


Soon it was time for our first dance. I have been a huge music lover my entire life, and I always loved dissecting song lyrics and finding ones that fit specific moments in my life. So one of the nicest parts of wedding planning, was picking a first dance song that fit us perfectly. When we first met, we bonded over our mutual love of Frank Sinatra, so we knew one of Old Blue Eyes’ songs was a must. We listened to all of our old favorites, but when we stumbled upon an old version of “It Had to be You”, we knew we had found the one. Eric and I both didn’t date too much before we met each other. In fact, neither of us had dated anyone for more than a couple of months before we met. I like to think that we just didn’t fit with anyone but each other. Thus, “It had to be you” has become our song.


Next, I had a special dance with my dad. My dad owns every single Jimmy Buffett album and made sure that my brother and I grew up as loyal Parrotheads. And though Jimmy Buffett is known for “Margaritaville” and “Fins,” he has some beautiful ballads as well. One of which is called Delaney talks to Statues. When I was 12 or 13 I remember going through a tough time with the common woes of middle school. To cheer me up, my dad wrote the lyrics of this song in a letter to me, and it is still something I cherish today. It surprised me how much a song that Jimmy Buffett wrote for his daughter could sound like my own dad had written it just for me. It has always been really special to my dad and I, so of course we had to use it for our dance. We danced and sang every word of our song, which made it one of my most vivid memories from our wedding day.


Next, Eric danced with his Mom to “In My Life” by the Beatles. Eric and his mom have always been very close, and it was so nice to watch them share a special moment together. It is so easy to see that many of the wonderful qualities that make Eric who he is came right from his mom. You can’t help but love these two.


After all of the official wedding activities were done, it was time to dance! We saw our band, Skyline and the Backstreet Horns, at a friend’s wedding and knew we wanted to have them at ours. They played a great mix of contemporary songs, Motown hits, and beautiful slow songs. And my mom and Eric were absolutely thrilled that they played their favorite song “Happy.” These two love this song so much and have deemed it “their song.” So cute! Everyone was up dancing late into the night, which was absolutely perfect.


And with that, our wonderful wedding day came to a close. It was so full of amazing memories and fun and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.


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