Wedding Recap: Our Ceremony


Shortly after Eric and I got engaged, we decided to get married at St. Paul Catholic Church. I went to grade school at St. Paul Catholic School, and spent hours of my childhood in that beautiful church.It was the church I was baptized in, had my first communion and confirmation, and even had my 8th grade graduation. It was really important to me to get married there, and Eric was sweet enough to be on board with the idea. But in order to assure that both of our faiths were represented, we had Eric’s close family friend and pastor co-officiate the ceremony. It was perfect. Eric and I are pretty traditional and chose to not see each other before I walked down the aisle. It made me even more anxious to get out there and see my groom!


Since the boys were already at the church, our limo went back to my parents’ house to pick me and my bridesmaids up. We saw the boys on the side of the church as we pulled up, but we were safely hidden inside. It was so fun to sit with my girlfriends and watch all of our guests arrive right before our ceremony was set to begin. Soon enough my Auntie Karol, who was helping pass out programs, came to get me and my bridesmaids and bring us into the church. I waited in the back of the church with my best girlfriends, my parents and Eric’s parents as the organist began to play the processional songs. I waited as Eric’s parents, my mom and then my bridesmaids, each went down the aisle one by one.

140426Jones-368 140426Jones-386

And then Canon in D began to play, and I knew it was our cue.


My dad and I have always been close so I had both looked forward to and dreaded this moment for as long as I can remember. I knew walking down the aisle arm and arm with my Pa would be incredibly emotional, and it definitely was. But as soon as I caught a glimpse of Eric, any nervousness I had vanished. I had known I was going to marry Eric only a few short weeks after meeting him nearly 5 years ago, yet it was hard to believe that that moment was already here.


We reached the front of the aisle and my dad, Eric and I had a special moment to ourselves before my dad kissed us both and sent us the rest of the way down the aisle.


Eric and I sat on the alter with Eric’s Best Man and brother Mike, and my Maid of Honor, LT. And then my cousins Lauren and Meghan  and Eric’s cousin, Katie read the scripture passages we chose for the ceremony. We were also lucky enough to have my cousin Kristen as our soloist for the ceremony. Kristen has sung at a number of weddings and was absolutely incredible with planning the music and singing for our entire ceremony.

140426Jones-434 140426Jones-441

After the readings were done, Pastor Paul preached a beautiful sermon. And then the Deacon called us up to the alter as he blessed our wedding rings. It was then time for our vows.


We chose to say the traditional wedding vows, because we both felt there was something really special about repeating the same wedding vows that our parents, grandparents and so many other couples that we look up to said at their own weddings. After we exchanged our rings, it was time for our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Jones.



We then turned to face our family and friends sitting in the church and I was overwhelmed by all of the love in the room. It was wonderful to see all the people we loved sitting together in front of us, cheering us on. We then went down to the pews to hug our families as all three of my cousins sang “How Beautiful” from the choir loft.

140426Jones-565 140426Jones-573

I vaguely remember giving my mom, dad and Grandma a hug, but one of my clearest memories from the day is when I made my way over to my brother. Sean is the type of older brother that every girls wants.  He is protective, caring and incredibly supportive. He has taught me so many things over the years and absolutely always has my back. And on my wedding day, just like every other day, he was my Best Man. We gave each other a long hug in that pew, and managed to squeeze out a quick “love you” before it was time for the final part of the ceremony. The Deacon and Pastor Paul officially announced us as Mr. and Mrs. Jones!




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