Favorite Moments from Our Wedding Weekend


Well everyone, it’s official- Miss Petite Sweets is now a Mrs! We couldn’t have had a more perfect wedding weekend, and although I plan on doing a few recaps of the big day once we receive our  official wedding photos, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite moments from the weekend. Enjoy!

1. Surprise Toasts at our Rehearsal Dinner. My friend Kerri, who got married last year, had told me the Rehearsal Dinner was her favorite part of her wedding weekend, and after we had ours I can totally see why. It was so fun spending extra time with our families and best friends, as the day of the wedding was definitely a whirlwind. But what made the rehearsal dinner extra special was the toasts that our friends surprised us with. My best friend and bridesmaid Lo, who just so happens to be a very talented singer-songwriter, performed a song she had written for us. Every word of the song was so special, as it told the story that led up to Eric and I finding each other. Next, Annie read a poem she had written for us that was as sweet and funny as she is. Next, Leona told everyone the story of how Eric and I met, and how she knew it was serious because I stayed up past 10 o’clock to hang out with him. Finally, Eric’s groomsman Joe, who is an 8th grade teacher, shared some pieces of marriage advice that his students had written for us. And each and every one was absolutely hilarious. All of their thoughtful toasts were so unexpected and special, and were the perfect kick off to a great weekend.


2. Getting into my wedding dress. Typically getting into the wedding dress is a special moment shared between the bride and her mother. But since my family pretty much goes through everything together, I was left with this:


During my dress fittings, I joked that my dad would be the one that would master the slightly complicated lace up back to my dress. Seeing as it was my dad, not my mom, that sewed on my Brownie patches growing up, this just seemed to make sense. And lo and behold, when the moment came to get into my dress,my mom and Maid of Honor, LT, had some trouble tying the dress. This is when my boys stepped in. I asked our photographers if they had ever seen a father of the bride and brother get the bride into her dress, and they laughed and said “Honestly, never.” But seeing as our little foursome is especially close, it seemed only fitting that this moment would be a family affair.


3. The sign of peace. During our ceremony, there is a moment when Eric and I came down to the pews to give the sign of peace and hug our families. I was so happy to hug my parents and grandma as well as my new in-laws. But then I got to my brother, and I knew there was no way I was going to get through it without tears. Sean may have been one of Eric’s groomsman, but in so many ways he was my best man. He was there for me every second of the wedding day, just like he has been for my entire life. Sean is truly the best big brother a girl could ask for and I’m so lucky to say that he is one of my best friends as well. I always knew that my wedding day would be emotional for him, as I have always been his “little sister” and my wedding day meant that I was finally growing up. But even though Eric is here to help him with the job of looking out for me, I will always be the same “little sister” that he has taken care of all these years.

4. The moment after we said “I do.” While we were saying our vows I was just concentrated on Eric and saying the words that so many couples have said before us. But right after the deacon announced as as husband and wife and we shared our first kiss, we turned to face the church and it was just incredible to see everyone we love clapping and cheering for us. It was so wonderful to look out into the room that was so filled with love and happiness.


5. The moments leading up to our reception. After our ceremony we took pictures in Downtown Detroit with our bridal party and we arrived at the Colony Club about 20 minutes before the reception was set to begin. While our guests were enjoying the cocktail hour, we had some time to relax with our bridal party while the Colony Club staff put the final touches on the ballroom. My wonderful bridesmaid surrounded me and did the bustle on my dress, took off my veil and fixed my hair and makeup. It was so funny to have my own little glam squad, and it was nice to spend a little time just hanging out with my four best friends in the world. We then got to take a peak at the ballroom and it was so wonderful to see everything perfectly in place. We had spent 18 months planning every detail and it was so special seeing our vision come to life. From our green and white cake, to our “Michigan State Landmark” table numbers, every thing was perfect.


To be continued…


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