Thoughts on Wendy’s Chocolate Frosties

In the movies, the moment when a person realizes they are in love with someone is often dramatic and breathtakingly beautiful. The music swells as he or she realize that the person sitting next to them is the person they’ve been waiting for all along. This moment often happens when they’re running through the airport or standing in the pouring rain. My moment occurred in a Wendy’s drive through. Frank Sinatra was playing on the radio, and Eric was just talking about his family. I remember him talking about how much he loved them, and how important they were to him. And the love and sincerity in his voice showed me exactly who he was. He was good. Eric was good. And it suddenly and quietly became clear that the person I had looked for all my life was sitting next to me, buying me a chocolate frosty. It may seem odd to have an emotional attachment to a fast food milkshake, but I do. They remind me of the moment I realized I had met my match. My favorite part about that night was how mundane and extraordinary it was at the same time. Because isn’t true love just that? A series of ordinary moments, that when strung together make up the most beautiful part of life. Tomorrow I get to marry my best friend. And though I’m excited for the thousands of exciting moments that tomorrow will bring, I’m also excited for the millions of ordinary moments to follow. The days of folding laundry, and grocery shopping, and watching TV together on a Friday night. The years of watching our kids’ soccer games, and making pancakes on Sunday mornings. And I’m sure there will be a few more simple nights of driving around, listening to Old Blue Eyes, and sharing a chocolate frosty. I can’t wait.




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