Recent Eats: 4-7-13



I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was full of lots of relaxing, baseball, and a long run by the lake. Can’t get much better than that. But before we start another work week, I thought I would share some more “recent eats”


1. Last Monday night, Eric and I decided to combat the Monday blues with a quick dinner date. One of the perks of working a few blocks from each other is that it gives us the chance to meet up right after work and try out some of the new spots Downtown. This week we tried Mercury Bar in Midtown. They are known for their burgers and milkshakes, and since I’m not a huge burger gal, I was happy to see a black bean burger on their menu. It’s served topped with sliced avocado, chipotle mayo and fresh made pickles. My burger was slightly spicy and full of flavor. And Eric? He of course got his classic choice of a cheeseburger. Typical boy.


2. This has become my favorite weekday meal. A baked sweet potato with a touch of coconut oil, roasted brussels sprouts and chicken sausage. All of these come together in a flash, perfect for a quick meal after a long day.


3. Chicken Noodle Soup at Mati’s Deli. Eric recently took me to this old school deli in his hometown, and I could not stop raving about their soup. You could tell it was homemade from the extra flavorful stock and the soft and chewy homemade noodles. So, so good. I have a feeling we will definitely be returning here soon.


4. Friday was Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers, and seeing as I work at the closest hotel to the ballpark, it was a really fun day at work. Baseball season is a crazy busy time for the hotel, so they had ballpark hot dogs brought in for the entire staff to kick off our busiest time of year. It was like having a taste of summer for lunch. Hopefully the weather will follow suit!


5. This isn’t really an “eat” but it was definitely worth sharing. Eric and I recently set a fun challenge for ourselves-we are going to try to visit every brewery in Michigan. And seeing as Michigan has seen a huge growth in breweries the past couple years, I have a feeling this challenge may take us a while. But since we were near Ferndale running some wedding related errands, we decided to visit Woodward Avenue Brewers t0 knock one more spot off of our list. I tried their Custom Blonde, which was a light summery beer, and Eric tried the Czech Red. We were both fans of our brews.

So there you have it. A few “Recent Eats” from Miss Petite Sweets. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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