Easter Weekend

Happy Easter everyone! I always get really excited about holidays because it means my whole family gets together. Back when we were little, it seemed like we saw my cousins, aunt & uncle and grandparents every weekend. Whether it was a birthday party, weekly golf lessons, or just dinner at Grandma’s, we were together all the time. Now with my cousins all living in different cities, we usually only get everyone together on holiday weekends, so the holidays are now extra special.

We kicked the weekend off by celebrating Meghan’s Birthday. We went out to dinner and then headed back to my aunt and uncle’s for cake and a little March Madness viewing party. And even though half of the family are Michigan Fans and the other half are Michigan State Fans (GO GREEN!), we cheered on each other’s teams and remained civil.


When it came time to give Meg her birthday presents, Eric was exposed to yet another one of my family’s weird traditions. For some reason, if you give someone a gift but forget to give them a card, you are forced to sing your birthday greeting. I may have forgotten to tell Eric this on purpose, so as tradition goes, Eric had to sing. And I must say, he crooned a fantastic version of Happy Birthday. Unfortunately, Sean and I forgot cards as well, so we too had to sing/rap/do something stupid in the name of birthdays. 


On Saturday we were greeted with a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for the 5 mile run I had planned. My cousin Kristen and I are both training for races right now, and both had to run 5 miles on Saturday. Seeing as we live exactly 5 miles from each other, we joked that we would run into each other at our halfway point, high five, and then turn back home, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.


But we did see each other later that afternoon when we planned the music for our wedding ceremony. Kristen is a fantastic singer, and has sung at a number of friends’ weddings so Eric and I were excited when she said she would sing (and help us pick the music) for ours. I absolutely love all the music we picked for the ceremony, and having Kristen sing it will be so special.

For Easter Sunday, we went out to my Aunt Norma’s house for Easter lunch. There was tons of food and time for cousin pictures.


I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter Sunday!


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