Alex’s Baby Shower

My mom has a close knit group of girlfriends that I grew up calling “my aunts” and all of their kids are “the cousins.” Well seeing as my mom was the last of her friends to have kids, I was quite a few years younger than all of the cousins. But it didn’t bother me much because I always referred to the cousins as “my big girlfriends.”  I remember going over to their houses to see them get ready for prom and thinking they were so cool and grown up. Nowadays the age difference doesn’t seems so big, but I still refer to my cousins as my big girlfriends.


This weekend I got to help celebrate at the baby shower of one of my “cousins”, Alexandra. It was such a fun day and if their little guy is anything like his parents he is going to be one cool kid. And although seeing all of the adorable tiny onesies  that this little guy will soon be wearing was the biggest highlight, the food was another great part of the day. So like any normal food blogger, I thought I would share our delicious lunch with you.

The first course was a miniature cup of creamy tomato basil soup with a mini grilled cheese sandwich. And ohmygoodness was it delicious. The soup was incredibly creamy and was topped with basil oil. And it was perfect paired with the mini grilled cheese sandwich.


Next was the house salad served in a parmesan bowl. The salad featured mixed greens, black olives, tomatoes & chickpeas, tossed in a tangy and sweet vinaigrette. The salad was also garnished with a fried ball of goat cheese.


By this point, we were all a bit full but that didn’t stop me from tasting the main dish: cheese tortellini with fresh vegetables and grilled chicken. I could only have a few bites but it was fantastic.


And finally, my favorite part of every meal…dessert. Out came a flourless chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream. So chocolatey and delicious. Stay tuned for some great new recipes this week!






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