Chapel Hill, North Carolina


This past weekend Eric and I took a trip to North Carolina. Eric’s best friend Tom, is in grad school at NC State, so we thought a quick visit would be a great mini vacation. And it was a weekend full of fun and tons of food. We arrived early Thursday morning just in time for a quick lunch at Mitch’s Tavern. Mitch’s is a cool little restaurant-bar hidden just outside of NC State’s campus. A scene from Bull Durham was actually shot in this bar.


Their menu was really unique. It featured simple sandwiches and some southern inspired meals like plates of North Carolina style chopped barbeque and fried green tomatoes. When I saw a baked sweet potato dish I was sold. A baked sweet potato stuffed with walnuts and dried cranberries, drizzled with honey and served with a side Greek salad. Delish.


Later that night, Eric and I headed up to Chapel Hill for a Valentine’s Day date. We went to Top of the Hill Restaurant which is perched on a hill overlooking University of North Carolina’s campus. The view was fantastic, as we were seated just as the sun was setting.


Seeing as Top of the Hill is a brewery, we figured it was only right to start off our meal with a few brews. I had the Old Well White which was a wheat beer flavored with orange peel and coriander. It tasted like a lighter version of a Blue Moon.

DSC00720For my entree, I chose the crab cakes and was very happy with my choice. The crab cakes were light with a bit of kick to them. They were topped with a creamy remoulade on top of wilted spinach. The spinach was actually one of my favorite parts of the meal. Tossed in garlic and a touch of olive oil, the spinach was cooked perfectly


And what would a Valentine’s Day date be without dessert? Eric and I had perused the menu a bit online before we visited Top of the Hill, and as soon as we saw the description of their Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwiches we knew we had to get them. Two years ago we split a piece of red velvet cake on Valentine’s and fell in love with the crimson cake topped with rich cream cheese frosting. And Top of the Hill’s interpretation did not disappoint. But how can you go wrong with decadent cream cheese ice cream sandwiched between two layers of moist red velvet cakes? It was a perfect ending to our first day in North Carolina



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