Orange Blossom Muffins

Well I’ve made you brownies with Kahlua and cupcakes with Tequila. I think its about time to get you lovely readers back on the wagon! So here we have a delicious, healthy recipe for Orange Blossom Muffins. These muffins are bursting with citrus flavor and are in my opinion, a perfect way to ring in the summer season. The temperatures have slowly been rising and with this past weekend’s beautiful sunshine, it felt that summer may soon be upon us. I usually can feel summer coming on when batches of Gazpacho soup start appearing in my kitchen, and the need to wear shoes outside starts to seem more and more irrelevant. And although we aren’t quite at that point just yet, summer did seem to start creeping in this past weekend. Everyone in town was out and about, the ice cream shops had lines as long as the blocks they are perched on, and some of my neighbors were seen cleaning their boats in preparation for their first sail of the season. Sights like that can’t help but make you feel happy. And speaking of feeling happy, this delicious muffin recipe will surely lead you to a state of bliss. They are incredibly easy to make and taste far more decadent than the ingredient list would lead you to believe. For the recipe, head on over to!


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