Founder’s Brewery

Since I’ve entered the working world, “Spring Breaks” or “Holiday Weekends” are but a memory, and being the new kid on the block, vacation time is a luxury I haven’t received just yet. But it always seems like a quick weekend away makes the weekend last longer and gives the illusion of a bit more time away from the office. Maybe it’s just the change of pace, or perhaps its my tendency to choose site seeing & visiting over sleeping in, that seems to stretch those two days a bit longer. Whatever it is, weekend trips have quickly become one of my favorite ways to end the week. Just last weekend, Eric & I took a trip up to Grand Rapids, Michigan for a a quick visit with my cousin Meghan and her boyfriend Ben. It was a weekend filled with relaxation, lots of laughs, and of course, food. One major highlight being the ridiculously large Strawberry Shortcake that we all shared at dinner. And by “shared,” I mean we ordered two among the four of us. And seeing as this dessert feeds four to six, the waiter judged us. But it was worth it.

These two like to eat about as much as Eric & I. No wonder we get along. But before all our double date gluttony, Eric and I stopped by Founder’s Brewery for a quick lunch & a brew. About a year ago, we discovered a great thing about breweries: They all seem to have amazing food. We came to this conclusion after visiting Short’s Brewery in Bellaire, and Founder’s was no different. I ordered “The Treehugger,” a vegetarian sandwich stuffed with fresh veggies, guacamole & an incredibly delicious house-made hummus. It came with a big crunchy dill pickle, solidifying my belief that any sandwich, no matter how great, can still be made better with a pickle. Eric doesn’t agree with this belief. The kid doesn’t like their salty crunchy, deliciousness. But that usually means I get to eat two pickles when we go out to lunch together. So I don’t really argue with him.We do, however, agree on our taste in beer. I got the Solid Gold, and Eric chose the Red’s Rye, and we decided both were awesome choices. The brewers at Founders actually came in to one of my classes in college to teach us about brewing techniques. They had such a passion about what they did, and visiting the brewery, you could really see why. Even at 12 o’clock on a Saturday, the place was hopping with families there for lunch,  or friends meeting up for a casual beer. And I feel like that type of popularity only happens when a lot of care & passion is put into a place. Judging from our short visit, Founder’s has both. Care, Passion and delicious food & beer. Not bad in my book.


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