Tea at the Royal Eagle

Back when my cousins and I were little, we spent many afternoons having tea parties with our Grandma. She would make us tiny tea sized peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and set our American Girl dolls around the table with us. And now that we’re all grown up (for the most part) she planned a little adventure for us that was a grown up version of all those tea parties in her basement. Our Grandma took us to The Royal Eagle, a Russian orthodox monastery, for afternoon tea. I felt so sophisticated. And slightly British. Our tea had 8 courses and a long list of teas to choose from. We all got something different and each got our own little tea pot. I chose Mango Nut Black Tea and thoroughly enjoyed my cute little tea pot.

And then came the food. The first was Borscht , a beet based vegetable soup. It looked just like my dad’s gazpacho soup, but sadly didn’t quite taste like it. It was more like a traditional tomato soup and it didn’t have much flavor. But next came the canapes and they made up for the Borscht.

We had a course of 4 tea sandwiches. Smoked Salmon & dill, Brie & cherry compote, Roast beef with a spinach spread, & a classic cucumber sandwich. The smoked salmon canape was definitely my favorite.

Next we had a salad with marinated chicken skewers. The chicken was really tender and the raspberry vinaigrette that was used on the salad was fruity & sweet. This course was really unique and unexpected. Double thumbs up.

Finally, we were presented with a dessert platter which included blueberry pie, blueberry pound cake & fresh whipped cream.

Need I say more? We each tried just a little bite of both desserts..ya know, because we are ladies and all. The cake was buttery and delicious, but the pie was actually my favorite. And I don’t really even like pie. It had a buttery crust and the filling was the perfect mix between sweet & tart. So well done, Royal Eagle. All in all it was a fun little outing…my only regret is that we did not wear obnoxious hats a la Princess Kate & Pippa. But now we know for our next tea excursion..


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