Short’s Brewery

Well friends, I’m back from my post graduation trip through Northern Michigan and it was grand. I didn’t want to leave, I actually tried to convince Eric we could retire early and live in a cottage. He didn’t take the bait. Anywho,  I’m going to tell you a bit about our trip to Short’s Brewery in Bellaire, Michigan. Looking back at my time in college I would definitely say that my favorite class was Hospitality Beverages, a wine and beer tasting course. As ridiculous as that sounds it was actually really interesting and broadened our knowledge far beyond the realms of Bud Light.  And seeing as I start my job in the food and beverage industry next week (yikes!) I’m really glad I have that extra know how. So with this new interest in beer, I’ve started to become more interested in trying more unique brews with different flavors.  And Eric, my trip companion, just really likes beer, so we decided Short’s Brewery  would be our first dinner destination. Short’s was actually featured in a documentary about Michigan beers that we watched in class. And they interviewed one of my former coworker’s from, as my dad put it,  the “dirty hippie café,”  where I used to work. Oh, Dad. So to get on board with all the flavors of Short’s, we decided to start with a tasting flight of 5 of their signature brews.

The first stop on our flight (haha. PUN. Sorry) was the Bananarama, (pictured at the far right) which is a brown ale with a sweet, almost raisin like taste.  It was pretty interesting and we were digging it. The second was the Pontius Road Pilsner, a hoppy barley based pilsner. Next up was the Bellaire Brown, a brown ale with a “toasted caramel flavor”. This one was our favorite and we were pretty glad to find out that they distribute it throughout Michigan. Next we had a Chocolate Wheat, a malty chocolate wheat ale. This one tasted a lot like a Milk Stout and wasn’t too shabby. The last one we tried was the Locals Light, a light domestic lager. All of the beers we tried were really different and the tasting flight was a fun way to try a bunch at a time without being mean to our livers. But now let’s talk about the food…because we all know that is way more important, although my brother may disagree with that statement.  They had a selection of pizzas, sandwiches and soups. I went for the Awesome Sound, a roast beef sandwich with portabella mushrooms, provolone cheese, herb roasted tomatoes and an Italian goat cheese spread, served on ciabatta bread.

And let me just say, I am not a big meat eater, but this baby was…well, awesome. So clearly it was named properly. Well played Short’s, well played. Eric had the Moving Away, which was salami, bacon, red onion, lettuce,  and swiss cheese, served on a herbed tomato wrap.

He was into it. We didn’t talk for a few minutes, and basically just ate our sandwiches. That is how our relash works. Just kidding..kind of.

To end the night we went in search of a coffee house that we could use some wireless internet to find some maps (and menus) of the places we wanted to go next. We stumbled upon Moka, a pastry, coffee and wine café. Pastries? Good. Coffee? Gooood. Wine? Goood. So what’s not to love. This place was really cute and had a nice little dinner menu, a large specialty coffee selection and a bunch of homemade pastries. We got some cookies so we didn’t feel weird about stealing their internet. Plus we like cookies. A lot. Yay Michigan!


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